Training Throughout Law Enforcement : Police Organization And Administration

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Training throughout Law Enforcement Police Organization and Administration CRM 419 Saint Leo University Dawn Grover Abstract This paper will identity the types of training and education required throughout the career in law enforcement, the steps a law enforcement officer can take to become a trainer and instructor, and the civil and criminal liabilities and issues that can be present during the process of both. So you want to be a police officer. Where do you start, what do you have to do? Many people every day aspire to becoming a police officer, whether it’s brought down from previous generations, or they feel the need to want to help people. They apply with a prospected department but, do they really know what they are getting their selves into once they are hired? Before the Chief of Police will let someone on the street on responding to calls, patrolling neighborhoods to deter criminal activity, conducting traffic stops, making arrests and testifying in court, the newly employed police officer needs countless hours of training so that they not only how to do the job correctly and proficiently, but they understand the laws, policies, procedures and the liabilities that are entailed with the job. The day that a police officer is hired, he or she is referred to as a Police Officer Recruit, and depending on the department, training will start the first day. Although it’s mostly administrative with mounds of paperwork to fill
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