Training, Training And Development

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It would seem that investment in learning, training and development are crucial for large organizations which believe that after the training, their employees would well develop and apply the new skills which they have learnt to benefit their organizations. However, many studies have shown that only ten percent of trainees apply what they have learnt from training to a job (Fitzatrick, 2001). However, learning, training and development will be considered to be one thing in this paper because while employees are training, they are learning new skill at the same time. Furthermore, after training they will develope their skill by applying it in their daily work. Therefore, this paper attempts to present what really happen in the training…show more content…
Therefore, when trainees have problems or questions, supervisor could give a sensible answer and more suggestion to think further. In Pre-training activity, the training topic will be discussed in advance between supervisor and trainees, so there should be sufficient time for trainees to prepare (M. Saks A. and Belcourt M.,2006). Additionally, the supervisor should persuade and encourage their employees by defining them reasonable and practical goals, so they will know which areas they should focus on (M. Saks A. and Belcourt M.,2006). Nevertheless, some activities need the cooperation from organizations to control the system. First, organizations do not have to force trainees to attend every training class but offer them choices and allow them to choose what they are really interested in (Baldwin, Magjuka, & Loher, 1991). Then, emphasis on the training participate “inform them that attendance at training program is mandatory” (M. Saks A. and Belcourt M., 2006, p636). Training activity during the training might take place in the formal training context or e-learning which allow them to observe others working or learning by the theory (Holton et al., 2003; Noe, 1986; Tracey et al., 1995). However, many companies previously have emphasised on work environment factors which trainers who could be their supervisors teach trainees themselves, and it has been considered that this method is more effective (Baldwin&Ford, 1988; Tracey et al., 1995). During
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