Training and Development 1

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Assignment 1: Training and Development in Small Businesses Today’s business world is very competitive. This can be attributed to more organizations entering the market and the current economic climate. This has many companies thinking of ways to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage. In order to successfully continue to operate and grow, organizations often have to change strategies and better develop employees. This applies to any size organization. However, small businesses must ensure that these strategies are in place in order to attract and maintain a good customer base. Small businesses need to consider human resources as one of the most important determinants of profitability. They must provide competitive…show more content…
The personality profile is then completed by the job holder to assess strengths and weaknesses. This is then compared with the requirements of the job and the resulting training needs identified. A computer program is used to assess these needs based on the information inputted into the computer. Another often used training needs analysis tool is brainstorming and Meta planning. This diagnostic uses two techniques - the first is brainstorming which involves staff putting forward their ideas regarding the skills and knowledge that they think are appropriate and required; the second technique is called Meta planning and this is used to allow the staff group to select and prioritize their training needs. Developing the training plan is the third element of training and development. For a training and development plan to be effective there must be a clear link to the business plan and the identified training needs. The training plan should address the reason for the training and what the intended outcomes are for both the staff and The Downtown Business Club. It should also address the learning objectives, content, and method of delivery. Cost of the training will need to be considered during development of the training. It will also be necessary to determine how the training will be evaluated once it has been
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