Training And Development In Small Business Essay

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Training and Development in Small Businesses

July 28, 2013

Training and Development in Small Businesses
Increased globalization coupled with a myriad of other factors such as entry of more firms into the market and use of better machines have led to immense competition between various firms (Steele, 2009). This has made strategic managers to think of ways and means of not only ensuring maximum productivity, but also gaining a competitive advantage within the market at large. Small and developing businesses also ensure better practises within various departments such as human resource, production, sales and marketing. This is because they have to strive hard to attract and maintain customers. This can be done through
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As such, the first step that should be undertaken at Kudler Fine Foods is to design a training and development strategic plan. This will ensure the adoption of a strategic approach towards instilling knowledge and skills to the employees. Secondly, there is a need to conduct a training needs analysis (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). This can be conducted through administering of questionaries’ to employees who will point out areas in which they require training. Thirdly, the cost of training and developing employees should be considered (Steele, 2009). This is essential since a firm cannot invest beyond its means. Fourthly, there is a need to prepare trainers adequately. This can be done through providing necessary materials and informing trainers of the desired goals and objectives. Lastly, an evaluation system should be developed (Rae, 2007). This will help in measuring the effectiveness of training and development on performance management.
Challenges that Managers of Kudler Fine Foods Could Face in Addressing Organizational Performance
Add organizational performance involves a number of things including training and development, and adopting new practices such as modern technology. Managers face various challenges while addressing organizational challenges. For instance, Kudler Fine Foods` managers may face various challenges while addressing organizational performance through employee training and development. Firstly, lack of adequate resources
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