Training and Development- Need for Training Analysis

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1. HRD skills or competence that an HRD manager needs and how these skills are acquired.

The world is rapidly changing and to be a success, there must be maximum use of all resources (physical, financial, information, and human resources) whether for a nation, organization or individual. After huge investments in the physical, financial and information and knowledge resources, the human resources which comprises the workforce of an organisation remains the leverage point where significant differences can be made in the lives of the employees, their careers and the organisation.

Human Resource Development (HRD) involves helping individuals in organisations to
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• The HRD manager must be a good trainer and facilitator. Aside having the skill to identify individual employee needs or gaps. The HRD manager must be able to select appropriate instructional methods and facilitate structured learning experiences. They must have the skill to develop and design appropriate learning programs, preparing materials and other learning aids. The HRD manager will be required to design program objectives, lesson plans and intervention strategies. • To be an effective HRD manager, the HRD manager must be able to monitor and assess implemented HRD initiatives and answer the following questions – whether it has bridged the observed employees and organisational ‘‘needs’’ or ‘’gaps’’ or whether the expected directional change required to meet internal and external business environment has been achieved. If yes, how well has it benefited the individual employees and the organisation? • The HRD manager must be able to evaluate implemented HRD practices and programs using appropriate statistical procedures to determine their overall effectiveness and communicate the results to executive management. This involves the development of research designs and findings, recommendations and reports. • Cost effectiveness is top most priority for the management of any organisation. The HRD manager must be able to allocate budget schedules to developmental plans and strategies so the total cost
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