Training and Development Paper

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Training and Development Paper Latishie McNair HCS/ 341 Ms. Erica Williams December 17. 2011 Training and Development Paper Introduction: Development training and continuation of education are critical in the healthcare industry. This type of practice allows health care providers an opportunity to receive ongoing training, and that can opens up avenues of resources for professional development. In this paper, I will explain the reasons why training and education is necessary and relentless in healthcare. I also, will provide valuable insights regarding the importance of measuring and the accountability of competency levels in organizations. Finally, I will describe different processes organizations may use for tracking and…show more content…
The Importance of Measuring Competencies: “Competencies are the measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors. This is critical to successful job performances.” (Washington State Department of Personnel, 2011) Proficiency allows health care organizations the opportunity to define the expectations of employees. This also, allows the corporation to demonstrate to workers what are required for them, in order to meet the expectations of the job duties. It is also important, because this assist in the planning and the execution of organizational goals. This method can be implemented through training and education. Tracking and Training Evaluation; “Tracking and evaluating training effectiveness consumes valuable time and resources. It is essential to all healthcare organization to use a method that will incorporate its time and resources.’’ (Business Performance, 2011) “The Kirkpatrick is the most well-known and used model for measuring the effectiveness of training programs. “ (Business Performance, 2011) This program was developed in the late 1950s by a man named Donald Kirkpatrick. He was an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, where he received BBA, MBA and a PhD. Kirkpatrick have consulted with several well-known and large corporations. His 1994 book Evaluating Training Programs characterizes his initially printed work of 1959, therefore broadening the increasing awareness of them. His
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