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Chapter 1 Introduction 1.0 Introduction The chapter describes the research topic, background of the study, research problem, research objectives, research methodology, and importance of the study, limitations and chapter outlines. 1.1 Research topic Training and development Training and Development is a vital function of Human Resource Management. Training and Development act as the core factor which deals with maintaining and improving efficiency and effectiveness of the human resources at work in the organization. It is concerned with enhancing individual employee job performances as well as collective / group performances. Thus it will assist ultimately to improve organizational performances. Therefore it is clear that Training…show more content…
1.5 Methodology To achieve these objectives there should be a pre planned methodology. In this sector I’m going to describe that methodology which consist the following steps. * Selecting Organizations * Selection of samples * Data collection * Analyzing and presenting data 1.5.1 Selecting an organization – organizations are selected on both production oriented and service oriented basis. A brief description about the organizations which have been selected for this research appears below: Production Oriented organization – Dong Young Company This is a rice mill manufacturing company located in Kurunegala area. This is a small scale organization. Mother company of this firm is located in South Korea. Importing Single Phase rise mills, assembling them and distributing and selling them island wide are the major operations of this company. Currently more than 30 employees are working in this company. Service oriented organization – Sampath Bank PLC This is one of the most reputed commercial banks in private sector of Sri Lanka. There are more than 200 branches in island wide and more than 2000 work force. But for this project I have selected a sample of more than 25 people from 4 branches in area 7 located in western province due to the difficulties in collecting data in a large sample. 1.5.2 Selection of samples Dong Young Company – Total population = all the permanent employees working in Dong Young company

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