Training and Development at Cadbury India Ltd, Delhi

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SYNOPSIS Topic of study: A comprehensive study of Training & Development programs that has been carried out by Cadbury India Ltd., Delhi. Rational behind the study: Training plays a vital role in effective functioning of any company. The efficiency and productivity of worker working in an organization not only depends upon the skills they possesses or working environment, they are working in, but also depends upon the policy of the company of providing training to the employees according to the demand of the job. There remains a gap between the demand of the job and skills of the worker. This gap can be patch up by delivering effective training and development programs. The workers get the better opportunity to improve themselves and as…show more content…
A larger factory in Bridge Street Birmingham was rented in 1847, John Cadbury was joined by his brother Birmingham and the business became Cadbury Brother of Birmingham. 1861 – John Cadbury resigned his business and handed over to his sons, Richard, 25 and George, 21 who after 5 difficult years almost shut down the business to take up other vocation. Fortunately for generation of chocolate lovers, they didn’t. 1866 – Saw a turning point for the company with the introduction of a process for pressing the cocoa butter from the coca beans. This not only enabled Cadbury Brothers to produce pure coca essence, but the plentiful supply of coca butter remaining was also used to make new kind of eating chocolate. The essence was advertised as ‘Absolutely pure, therefore best’. 1879 – Business prospered from this time and Cadbury Brother outgrew the Bridge Street factory, moving in 1879 to a ‘Greenfield’ site some miles from the center of Birmingham which came to call Bourneville. The opening of the Cadbury factory in a garden also heralded a new era in industrial relations and employee welfare with joint consultation being just one of the introduced by the pioneering Cadbury Brothers. 1899 – In this year the business private limited company – Cadbury Brothers Limited. Progress since the start of the century through the inter – war years onward ahs been rapid. Chocolate has moved being a “luxury” item to well within

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