Training and Development for a Diverse Workforce’

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IRHR3510 Research Paper 1 ‘Training and Development for a Diverse Workforce’ Completed by Emma Moulder Due April 14, 2010 Today’s Society as a whole is ever changing and exceedingly diverse. This can also be said in the nature of business. Therefore, it is critical for organisations, HR managers and employers within any business to find different methods of training and development to suit their workforce, as well as trying to attract and keep talented employees through such opportunities. It is not satisfactory for employers to treat each employee the same, but instead must view each as an individual with differences, such as working styles, personality traits, culture, socioeconomic background, educational background and…show more content…
They must consider language differences especially whilst preparing training material. Some individuals may also require an interpreter to get messages across clearly (Noe, Raymond, 2002, p333). If an interpreter is used, it is important to conduct a practice session with the interpreter to evaluate pacing of the session and whether the amount of topics and material is appropriate (Noe, Raymond, 2002, p333). A needs assessment or analysis would be helpful for trainers to evaluate cultural dimensions and the characteristics of their employees whether it be language barriers, cultural status (Noe, Raymond, 2002, p334). By identifying the needs of cultural and ethnic minorities, trainers will be able to properly train and develop this minority to group to not only suit the individual themself but also the company. Gender diversity in the workforce is another issue trainers must address. Women are increasingly entering the workplace at rapid speeds and due to their responsibility for home and family matters, employers and HR managers must provide flexibility and solutions through training and developing. Many women in the workforce have to juggle motherhood and try to manage a career and work life at the same time and studies have shown that the strain is beginning to take its toll on the general health and wellbeing of the female population (Robinson, Deborah, 2008, p1). Women need to be mentored by trainers to step up at take more senior positions in
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