Training and Development is said to be beneficial for both firms and employees.

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Training and development is said to have a positive impact for both firms and employees, this essay will explain the terms “Training and Development” and look at the advantages and disadvantages for the Employer and employees. One of the biggest limitations of “Training and Development” is how the impact of training and development on productivity and profit is measured for organisations and individuals. This essay will therefore attempt to address the “Why then are some organisations and individuals reluctant to invest in training?” since training and development is said to be beneficial to both parties. Assuming the long term benefits of training and development can be measured by quality or profit, and then the advantages for both the…show more content…
According to (Grugulis, 2007), Training and Development are key aspects of economic life. It also safeguards productivity as well as supporting it, by paving the way and preventing skill shortages for firms. It is said that within firms Training and Development is a major factor of human resource management and has a number of advantages for the organisations which includes increased competitiveness through increased skills level, productivity and value added, it protects them from skill shortages and it can also be used to escape from an economic downturn by increasing spending when profits are low or motivation and reward to increase performance (Redman and Wilkinson 2008). Similar economic studies identify T&D investments as key determinants of organisation performance and economic growth (Mason; Prais, 1995; Romer, 1993) this has proved difficult to measure due to the fact that previous researches undertaken have been inconsistent for a valid case to be made, this is not denying the fact that such links do exist. According to Grugulis (2007) firms that train are likely to fill job spaces internally and avoid the risk of specific skills not being available in the job market or the risk of organisations not being able to afford the going rate in the job market. Training gives room for change in the business world, for every move an organisation makes it

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