Essay on Training for Race Day

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Race Day has finally arrived, or should I say “Match Day”, in this case. After several months of training and preparation, everything I have done up to this point is now in God’s hands. After a restless night of sleep, I wake up anxious to begin a new journey in this marathon called “life”. Finally, only 5 minutes till race time and everyone begins to shuffle forward. The gun is fired. At first the pace is slow and steady, but that’s OK. After all, 26.2 miles is a long way; no need to worry now. The goal is to finish the last half stronger and faster than the first. The first third of my marathon corresponds to my experience at Benedictine College. Benedictine was a challenge for me. I finished my first semester feeling discouraged and unsure if I had made the right decision. I gave it another chance and pressed on second semester, but I still felt like Benedictine was not meant for me.
The second third of the race I chose a different plan of action. I transferred to Johnson County Community College and began to find a rhythm. My grades improved a great deal and things began to fall into place. I had found my pace. At this point, I was certain I wanted to pursue a degree in dietetics. I want to be in the dietetics profession because I have a passion for helping others achieve their optimal health. This passion has stemmed from being an athlete and also seeing the health struggles of loved ones knowing if they had received the proper education; their lives could have…