Training in Overall Organizational and HRM Strategy Essay

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Training in Overall Organizational and HRM Strategy

‘Training is the planned provision to modify attitude, knowledge or skill behaviour through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities. Its purpose, in the work situation, is to develop the abilities of the individual and to satisfy the current and future needs of the organisation.’ (Manpower Services Commission, 1981). According to D. King (1964) there are many reasons why an employer should provide training including shortage of labour, high turnover, expanding production, automation, redundancy, improvement of quality, reduction of scrap, diversification of products and raising the calibre of the
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The idea behind the HRM originates from the Japanese, and the way in which they manage individuals. It places greater emphasis on development through training and development and career planning.

Training and development is an essential function within an organisation used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees or the organisation as a whole. Individuals who lack in certain skills, knowledge or attitudes required by job requirements are those who will be selected to be trained, this may involve on the job or off the job training. On the job training is training which is done whilst in the employees workplace, whereas off the job training may involve training to a different location with a different environment or conditions. An organisation which uses training will observe many improvements to the overall running of the organisation. There are many benefits, and in this section I will encapsulate the main benefits. The organisation will have better productivity and will moreover see better greater quality in their products. Training is obviously a tool in order to improve the organisation workers, therefore there will be a greater versatility from the workforce. They will feel a greater importance to the business and will therefore be
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