Training of Customer Service

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Important points to consider when training customer service employees.

Who are the most important people in your organization? It may come as a surprise to learn that the most important people are your employees - not your customers. Customers come second.

Without qualified and well-trained employees committed to strong customer service all of your efforts to please customers will be fruitless.

Customer service training has become a popular way for service organizations to provide employees with the information they need to meet customer needs.

It should not, however, be considered a one-time or annual event. Customer service training is an ongoing process that needs to be incorporated into the organization 's culture and way
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Then, when a "real situation" occurs they will have a higher comfort level about their ability to respond effectively.

8) Encourage employees to talk to their "worst nightmare" customers. Customers who are most demanding, who complain the loudest or who are hardest to please can be a rich source of information in your customer service improvement efforts. After all, if you can please these "tough customers" you should be able to consistently delight your average customers.

Behind the complaints and the demands you 'll often find very valid points and issues that you can use to improve service. Resist the urge to "ignore" the tough customers; consider them your best resource for good information on service improvement.

9) Share failures - celebrate successes. Don 't just focus on successes. Don 't just point out failures. You need a good balance of both failure and success stories to build a strong service culture. Staff can learn from their own failures as well as the failures of others. Treat each failure not as an opportunity to "punish" staff, but as an opportunity to learn. Why did the failure occur? What could be done differently next time to avoid such a failure? What lessons might other staff learn to avoid these issues?

Similarly, take time to celebrate your successes and to share these success examples with all employees. Sometimes the best "customer service training" for staff can be a good debriefing of either a
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