Trait Approach to Studing Leadership

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Trait Approach to Studying Leadership
Sheila Pounder
May 30, 2012
John Healy

Trait Approach to Studying Leadership
The trait approach to studying leadership uses the assumption that some people are natural leaders with certain attributes that pertains to their personality, motives, values, and skills (Yuki, p. 13, 2010). The studies sort to identify what are the specific traits of leadership. Examples of some of the leadership traits the study found are high intelligence and action-oriented judgment, task competence, achievement-oriented, the ability to motivate people, courage, and resolution driven. This approach was one of the earliest processes used to identify what makes a great leader great. The studies conducted
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In recent times, the military has changed the test, for use only as a way of determining an individual’s ability to serve. The trait approach to studying leadership, although one of the earliest methods used, is still a useful tool with some limitation. Even today there are a number of books, articles, and other methods that incorporate the use of trait identification to determine leadership qualities in individuals.

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