Traits of Poor Customer Service

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Customer Service We all deal with customer service on some level in our daily tasks. Our experiences are not always pleasant, and I feel that more focus needs be on providing not only just basic customer service but to step it up and provide quality customer service. While there are both external and internal customers, they both should receive the same respect. Service can be provided thru forms of both written and oral communication. How many times have you received an email and thought, “wow that was rude”? Did you ever listen to a voice mail from someone and think they were totally off base? The tone in which we convey our comments in either form is a direct reflection of us. We may have thought we were being polite, but…show more content…
You need to have the right people in place, and those people need to be excited about what they do. Your people need to feel motivated about the task they are performing. We all expect exceptional customer service when we are out in our everyday life, so we need to keep that in mind when dealing understanding how our customer feels. Most importantly, you need to look internally and treat your customer with respect (Korsgaden). In order to provide personalized customer service you need to pay attention to your customer. Learn what they like, and items they continually purchase. Offer to have purchased delivered to their home to save them time. Suggest new items or services that relate to what your customer has tried in the past. Give the customer details and benefits of those products. Ask for the feedback from your customer. They could provide helpful information for you to build your business own (English). Customer service representatives need to have proper training to deal with consumers. Companies should also have procedures in place to handle and document concerns, follow up and a escalation process (Muldoon). Customer service representatives should be aware of all offers that have been extended to consumers. This information could be stored in a centralized database, computerized or manual, to make the look up process a quick one. A customer contact
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