Trajan In Dacia Research Paper

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The elaborate triumph following Trajan’s conquering of Dacia took place over the course of two days. In the early morning, the procession started with musicians leading the way through the porta triumphalis, located at the porta carmentalis (Coarelli), singing ballads of Trajan’s victory. This excited the crowd and readied them for the procession, as well these ballads played a role in commemorating this triumph for years to come.
After the musicians, the procession continued with the display of the captured Dacian treasure. This procession included wagons of gold and silver taken from Decebalus’s treasure, hidden in the river Sargetia. As well, there were wagons and platforms carrying other trophies found in Dacia, like the elite’s personal
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In their tattered uniforms, they were a pathetic looking crowd. Trajan did ensure although that these captives continue through the procession unchained. Trajan wanted them to be unchained to show that their defeat to him was so consuming, that they did not need chains on to stop them from attempting to escape, just the thought of Trajan scared them into obeying.
As the army walked to the forum, the generals of the Dacian army, were brought forward and executed in front of the crowd. These generals were chased down by the jackals, brought from Dacia, which brought the Roman citizens immense satisfaction.
After the army passed, the Dacian elite and family of the ruler, Decebalus, shuffled by. There were forced out of their regal wear into clothes fit for slaves. This was done to show the complete lack of power left to the Dacian Citizens. To further the dehumanization of the Dacians, the personal robes of Decebalus were carried on a platform behind his family, along with his severed head decked with a diadem. This was put in the triumph to mock the cowardice and memory of Decebalus.
Following the captives came trumpeters and oxen heavily ordained in jewels and garland like no sacrifice had ever been before. In addition to the oxen, there was a beautiful lynx taken from Dacia being led on a gold
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