Trajectories, Gunshot Residue Patterns On The Victims Clothing

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Trajectory, Gunshot residues (GSR), Firearms, Spent casing distribution, Individualization of Projectiles and Casings, are common types of ballistic evidence that would be present at a Crime Scene. ) As an investigator in any shooting scene looking for evidence from (GSR), the victims clothing should be collected and properly preserved for gunshot residue analysis. This category of evidence can be serious to a shooting reconstruction since trajectory analysis is very limited in finding the distance from where the suspect fired such shot from.
“The combination of the trajectory analysis and the results of muzzle –to- target distance determination from gunshot residue patterns on the victims clothing (image 1) could prove key to
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When these steps are properly followed, then such evidence as an item should be labelled as Biohazard and handled accordingly and send to the lab. “GSR can be collected from a subject’s clothing because GSR particles will tend to adhere to the weave of the fabric” Patterson, J. (2014, August 13).
“A component of ammunition (casing and/or projectile) from the crime scene can be identified to the firearm that fired it to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty” Hernandez, G. (n.d.). At any given time that a weapon is fired, there is that natural tendency that a unique print is left on the fired weapon. This print appears in the form of unique impressions or striations also called tool marks. The Evidence of Casing or projectile from any crime scene would be traced to a firearm in the possession of a potential suspect, and would represent as an evidence against that suspect.
Casings found at the crime scene can be perfectly matched back to the gun in the possession of a suspect and should be packaged separately and put in paper envelopes or small cardboards pillboxes. For the avoidance of changing the face of each individual characteristic of such items, in cases where knives or other sharp objects are being recovered at the scene and are to be sent to the lab for tool marks, fingerprints, serology, etc, aspect like the blade and point should be wrapped in firm, unshakable
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