Tranformtaion Leadership Theory

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According to McCleskey (2014), transformational leadership has been the most studied and debated theory (as cited for Diaz-Saenz,2011, p. 299). Also, many have defined a transformational leader as someone that increase their followers consciousness about how important it is to reach desired outcomes and the methods used to reach those outcomes. Four factors emerged overtime. First, followers attribute the leader with certain qualities that followers wish to emulate. Second, leaders impress followers through their behaviors, such as inspirational motivation behavior that motivate and inspire followers by providing a shared meaning and a challenge to those followers. Third, individualized consideration involves acting as a coach or mentor to assist followers with reaching their full potential, and fourth, Bass…show more content…
Principals must be taught by universities and and preparation programs transformational leadership practices. This will prepare them to use accountability and achievement data to drive instruction, serve as an instructional coach, challenge the status quo, motivate and mentor staff, manage personnel, handle disruptions in and out of the school and understand economic, social technological and global change on schooling. strengths or benefits
Northhouse (2016) list benefits of transformational leadership. First, tranformtaion leadership has been research extensively. Second, transformational leaders advocate change, and provide a vision for the future. Third, transformation leadership is a process that occur betwe n the leader and their followers. Fourth, it gives a broader view of leadership that expand other leadership models. Fifth, transformation leadership emphasizes the follower needs, values and morals. Sixth, research and evidence show the effectiveness of transformtiaonal leadership. potential weaknesses or
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