Trans Between Trans And Trans Students

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Historically, trans students have had a difficult time in having adequate bathroom access. Many schools do not have policies that allow trans students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. This creates a difficult learning experience for the trans student, because they are put into uncomfortable situations. Trans students are more often than not to use the bathroom and locker that matches their biological sex and not their gender identity. They are then placed into a bathroom that is not for their gender, it is the same as forcing a man to use the women’s restroom. It further enforces that there is a gender binary, that is a socially accepted norm, and that trans students are not a part of it. Students should all feel…show more content…
By revoking the Obama Administration’s ruling on the matter, of bathroom access, President Trump is causing more harm to those 150,000 students than good.
Ethics Involved. Ethics play an important role in leadership, they allow for service organizations to work towards the common good. (Manning, 2003). What is a social good? “The social goods produced through the human service sector strengthen individuals, families, organizations, and communities through the services provided in health and mental health care, education, social welfare, criminal justice, and many other fields of practice” (Manning, 2003). Where do ethics come into play for the transgender students, who no longer have adequate bathroom and locker room access? Who decides what is ethical when decisions like this are made? In this case it is President Donald Trump is the leader. It is the responsibility of the leader to make ethical decisions that benefit the good in society. (Manning, 2003). When President Trump made his ruling to make trans bathroom access in schools a state decision instead of a federal one, he is putting 150,000 students in harms way. Now that trans bathroom access in schools is in the hands of the state, it is now their responsibility to shoulder the blame for the consequences of the removal of trans students from Title IX. By not allowing trans students proper bathroom and locker room
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