Trans Fat

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There are two types of trans fats found in food: natural and artificial. Natural trans fat are produced in the guts of some animal or found in food obtained from those animal such as milk and meat produce (American Heart Association, 2015). On the other hand, artificial trans fat are introduced in food through the partial hydrogenation of vegetable oil resulting in a semi-solid or solid fat found in margarine and shortening. (American Heart Association, 2015). Many food manufacturing companies use artificial trans fat because they are inexpensive, it makes the food last longer, have better texture and gives food desirable taste (U.S. Food& Drug Administration, 2015). This hardened oil are used in making pies, cakes, ready to use frosting, fried food like donuts and dough The use of trans fat began in 1911 when a German scientist named Wilhelm Normall added hydrogen to cotton seed oil. It was originally intended for soap but when he noticed it looked lad, he sold it as Crisco, a brand that sells shortening…show more content…
This increases a person chance of stroke, and cardiovascular disease, such as Coronary Heart disease, and myocardial infarction (Robert et al., 2007). Additionally, trans fat increases risk of developing type 2 diabetics by increasing insulin sensitivity; A study on 80,000 women who consumes most trans-fat shows they had 40% higher risk of getting diabetics (Leech, 2016). Trans fat also increase weight gain and abdominal fat just like other consumption of fat (Robert et al., 2007). The objective of this paper is to report the amount of PHF consumed by an average person for one week, to study the prevalence of PHF in food labels in a super market and the names used for PHF by food processing industry. The purpose of this study is to show the implication of PHF food on personal health in the long
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