Trans Pacific Partnership : A Free Trade Agreement Essay

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is something that you may have heard of on the news, but like many, you probably do not know what exactly it is. The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP as it is commonly referred to in shorthand is a free trade agreement that the United States and 12 countries which includes Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, and New Zealand. Free Trade means that tariffs are virtually dismantled in between countries to supposedly spur the machine of trade and boost everybody’s economy. If you did not know that you are not alone as a Harvard poll that was reported about in a Politico, which is a respected political news source, “…despite the seeming predominance of this issue in the media and in Washington D.C., only 29% of Americans say they have heard or read anything about the TPP, while 70% say they have heard or read nothing at all.” (Palmer, 6) This is disappointing as more people should be more involved with such a monumental agreement that could affect their lives in very big ways. If they were to know about what it will do if we signed onto it, no one would allow it, but coded language and redirects of the subject have led many Americans buying into the supposed good things about the agreement or as the poll suggests never even heard about it. If everyone knew about it and understood what would happen if it was implemented the sane collective of our country would agree that the United States
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