Transaction Processing Systems ( Tps )

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ONE. To start a business, businesses must conduct the business targets and raise the capital through business processes. They must deal with all of suppliers, customers, products and services, etc. Business processes are defined as a set of activities that will complete specific organization goals for particular customers. A firm well-organized business process can demonstrate through the ability of organizing work activities, managing information, and improving production technology. With today new technology, information system is a set of collecting, processing, storing, and distributing information to support and control an organization. Information system makes it possible for firms to manage their information to make better decisions and speed up the accomplishment of business processes. In order to use information systems effectively, one needs to understand the fundamental organization, management, and information technology of the information systems. TWO. Transaction processing systems (TPS) are computerized systems that businesses use to manage their daily activities and transactions of the organization, such as sales, hotel reservation, payroll, and employee record keeping, etc. The basic truth purpose of systems helps to answer the commonly and regularly questions, and rack customers? information through the organization. In addition, managers use TPS as a main purpose to watch the status of internal operations and the relationship with external
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