Transaction Security : E Commerce Environment

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Transaction Security in E-Commerce Environment

With the evolution of Internet, new technologies are appearing and new ways of doing business are slowly changing the world. One of those new business process are online stores. This technology allows user to sell or buy their products or services online. These data exchanged during those operations are extremely very critical and no error with the manipulation of these important information can be allowed. For the protection of those personal and financial information, security plays a big role in this industry.
There are main elements in the transaction security are:
And the authorization.
The confidentiality of the information is one of the most important element in the transaction security. It can be defined as the protection of a user’s information, personal and financial, from other parties than the recipient.
Some errors can be committed when manipulating delicate data. Integrity enables the recipient to ensure that the information he received by a sender is accurate.
The authentication of the information is provided by the user; it is a confirmation, by the user, ensuring that the data is authentic.
The non-repudiation validates that both the user/sender and the recipient/receiver have received and sent data to each other. This is to make sure that neither of the two parties can denies the transaction between the two parties.
Authorization determines whether a…

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