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Transactional Analysis, according to Eric Berne is a powerful tool for human well-being. Eric Berne deals with the psychology behind our transactions. Transactional Analysis determines which ego state is implemented by the people interacting.

People are made with three basic ego states, which are the parent, adult and child. Some people have a controlling ego state and others are constantly changing. All parts are needed for a well-rounded personality.

The child is linked with intuition, creativity, drive and enjoyment. The adult is rational and has an objective and logical side, which allows work to get done. This is part of us that should be involved in making hard decisions because it weighs the pros and cons of the
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The "natural child" also has positive aspects by letting others know how they feel, they can be creative and brainstorming, their negative side may be seen as immature, over-emotional or naive.

If the lines of communication in the transaction are crossed, the communication will cease unless one of the individuals alters their ego state to compliment the ego state carried out by the other communicant. If the responses of the individuals continue to cross they will no longer be communicating but instead there will be useless arguing.

An example is ` I can not find my keys, do you know where they are?' response; `they are your keys, you should know where you put them'. The question was an adult one, however the response was parent to child so the lines are crossed. There was nothing assuring that came out of the transaction and the conversation can not be continued.

Hidden transactions are more complicated and more than one ego state is involved at any one time by a person. A hidden transaction can be used to take advantage of a vulnerable ego state in someone else.

An example is; a hairdresser is doing a middle aged woman's hair, the hairdresser knows that the woman is going through some sort of mid-life crisis, so the hairdresser shows the woman pictures
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