Transactional Approach For Transactional Leadership

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from a transactional approach; employees perform a job and are rewarded based on how or what they do. Leadership has been hindered by this approach. While transactional leadership has a place within certain organizations, there is definitely a need to broaden organizational leadership approaches to attend to different organizations. My organization led and operated on a strictly transactional basis. Employees were expected to write tickets and respond to collisions and based on the number of tickets or collision employees were evaluated or rewarded for this work. This transactional style of leadership created an environment of flippancy with regard to work. The CHP has since changed its approach to leadership and strives to implement a…show more content…
Understanding an employee’s wants, and essentially their needs for organizational development can increase productivity and job satisfaction as well as job performance. Leadership Theories The leadership theories that have influenced and shaped my growth in the study of leadership have been servant leadership, and transformational leadership; however, contingency theory of leadership ultimately drives my leadership practice. Various leadership styles and theories have a time and a place when leading organization and individuals. My approach to the profession of law enforcement has ultimately been that of a servant style of leadership. With the individuals encountered on a daily basis the concept of being of service provides a foundation for my leadership style. Ultimately the natural feeling of being of service first before self is what attaches me to Robert Greenleaf’s servant leadership theory. This theory should be the foundation for executives in law enforcement, as Gardner and Reece (2012) discussed, “leaders who provide direction but avoid domination and encourage participation, mutual respect, and independence of thought achieve higher-quality organizational results” (P. 27). Servant leadership is ultimately at the core of what law enforcement profession embodies. During this educational process the implementation of the transformational style of leadership seemed to reveal itself more
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