Transactional Leadership Paper

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Two of the most common and popular leadership approaches are transformational and transactional. Although transactional is more commonly used in business, it has fallen out of favor for the more holistic technique of transformational leadership. Leadership styles can change with time and knowledge, a leader could have started their career using one style and by the end that same leader could be utilizing a completely different style. This means that we as leaders have choices and we can learn from our experiences and help others to grow along with us.
“Transformational and transactional leadership will only bring about specific outcomes, if leaders deem these outcomes important in the first place, because otherwise they may not
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Johnson and Dipboye (2008) proclaimed, “Transformational leadership style mainly focuses on transformation of values and beliefs of followers by inspiring them” (As cite by Zareen, Razzaq, & Mujtaba, 2015). Connectedness, mutual respect, and collaboration on goals and responsibilities are what I see as the hallmarks that transformational leadership affords…show more content…
As a result, they foster inspiration and anticipation to put extra labor to achieve common goals” (Zareen, Razzaq, & Mujtaba, 2015, p 535). Transactional leadership does not offer many opportunities to help bring along or promote others, but still has a meaningful place in certain situations. More transformational leadership is needed in my organization, my colleagues and I are seeing more of our leadership, saying many transformational taglines, but their actions are incongruent with their words. “Transformational leaders are not afraid to take personal risks; they emphasize progress, change, and innovation” (Hamstra, et al, 2014, p 644). I am hopeful that what I am learning and my gaining passion to become a more influential leader using transformational leadership techniques. Knowing where my strengths and preferences lie, will allow me show what can be accomplished with mutual respected and shared expectations rather treating people like they are unthinking unfeeling robots. Mixing multiple leadership styles depending on the situation the leader is encountering appears to be the most well rounded option, yet a leader still must have a base preference where they start and return, mine is clearly in the transformational leadership
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