Transatlantic Trade Between Africa And Africa

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During the mid-fifteenth century, the transatlantic slave trade occurred throughout the world and lasted well over four hundred years. Oversea trade between Africa and the Portuguese, along with other European kingdoms, formed, which began what is known as the transatlantic slave trade. Along with a variety of goods, copious amounts of slaves, roughly twenty-five million, were traded between the continents of Europe and Africa. Driving the trade were politics, economics, religion, business, and a desire for profit. Along with the majority of the African population being traded elsewhere in the world, the overwhelming amount of deaths and low fertility rate among the indigenous people neared the African culture to distinction. Among the documents provided, all can be grouped into two main groups: attitudes and impact. During the years 1450 to 1800, the Europeans showed a large amount of varied opinions towards the Transatlantic Trade slave and the impact of the trade towards the included civilizations.
As noted before, there are two potential groups in which the twelve documents could be grouped, the first group being attitudes. A document characterized as this would include information on the Europeans’ attitudes towards the transatlantic slave trade. The documents that have been categorized in this group are documents one, three, five, and eleven. To begin, document one is an excerpt from Voyage to the Isle de France by J.H. Bernardin. In this document, Bernardin
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