Transcendence Is A Process Of Growing And Going Beyond The Limitations Of The Existence

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Transcendence is a process of growing and going beyond the limitations of mortal existence. It involves opening myself up to the infinite and universal, allowing me to expand beyond what I mortal experience can contain. Almost every religion has some form of transcendence in their doctrine. For some, it only occurs on death and when souls move on to the afterlife. For others, transcendence can occur for brief moments during life, as flashes of insight, through practices such as meditation and spiritual journeying. Part of the process of transcending, temporarily or otherwise, includes having a sufficient understanding of yourself and your self-limits that you recognize when you have exceeded them. It 's that moment when you know that you are now more than you ever have been before. My understanding of the nature of the Transcendent has been challenged throughout this course. I have learned about different knowledge from others, and questioning more so than I ever have. I have always been the one to keep my questions to myself, but I have really gone outside my comfort zone, asking questions even though there may be no right or wrong answer. There are many epistemological reasons for why things happen. Who should I believe? Why? What has authority for me? According to the Gospel of Mark, he says we should put all our trust in Jesus. Why should I believe? He shows is transcendence through tangible ‘miracles’, like healing through touch and the human voice, in the flesh and
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