Transcendentalism And Its Impact On Society

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He “taught himself to read and write by forming letters in charcoal on the kitchen floorboards” (Brown). He strove to teach himself so that he could be a teacher to others as his revolutionary ideas on education changed how we look at education even today. He began to dive more and more into the world of Transcendentalism. He was a husband a father and a teacher who created a wave through America that still has rippling effects today. Much more came out of this movement including his effect that he had on his daughter who herself spread transcendental ideas through her writings. This man was Amos Bronson Alcott, and he was a reformer of society looking to abide by Transcendental beliefs. Alcott played one of the biggest roles in causing Transcendentalism to be still present today as he embodies the ideals behind Transcendentalism. Alcott took the philosophies of Thoreau and Emerson and instilled them into the world of the educational system by adding many different activities to the curriculum, stressing self-reliance and self-sacrifice to his students and his daughter. Alcott did his best to support his family, but his lecturing and writing were limited in their effectiveness. He understood that what he was doing was an attempt to better society, and he followed the Transcendental ideal of non conformity. The driving force of Transcendentalism was in fact the people that felt these ideals were best for society. Men like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Amos
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