Transcendentalism And Success

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Society heavily influences our work agenda, often times pushing a human to the brink of wanting to just hit the easy button and move back in with their parents at age 50. Most people float through life thinking that the only way to be successful is to work the hardest and keep moving forward; however, to achieve success in any endeavor, a person must fail. These such failures can be the epitome of someone's success. Under it all, there is an art to the simplicity of living the easiest life possible. Success is a relative term. To a wealthy CEO, success is making his business one million in sales that day. To a child living on the streets, eating dinner that day is a success. What someone might not see though is that the child can teach the businessman a thing or two about about how to live life: humility. Realising that there is more to life than monetary gains, some people just need to appreciate meeting their basic needs. Furthermore, this easy lesson of humility provides the people living in wealth with a sense of how privileged they are.
Whoever someone associates within America, there is always a support system out there for them. In isolated villages, a community like this is more life and
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One of the greatest philosophers of transcendentalism was a reject of society: Henry David Thoreau. He ventured out into the wilderness to avoid taxes and absorb what is around him. In modern day if someone knew a friend planning this, they would disown them. He was an outcast in society thrown away to just live in the woods; however, he came up with his best philosophies there. Prospective writers, or students required to take an Honors American Literature class, study and admire his work. It even took another well known figure, Steve Jobs, to be thrown out of his own company for him to regroup and turn his egotistic attitude into a company leader. Sometimes people need isolation to achieve
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