Transcendentalistic Values In Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless

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The book Into the Wild highlights the adventures of Chris McCandless, and grants you a look at the trail that lead McCandless into the woods and why he did not return. Throughout the book McCandless’ actions were the embodiment of transcendentalistic values some 160 years after the the movement came to prevelence. McCandless embodied the keys of non-conformity, self-expression, and reducing dependence on property. These are just a few of the keys that can be found in his life.
Chris McCandless was the perfect example of marching to the beat of your own drum, and therefore resembled the transcendentalist key of non-conformity. In the book Into the Wild McCandless is quoted saying, "The government which governs least is best." McCandless did not want the government to interfere with his life while they are unable to combat some of the fundamental problems of society like poverty and hungry. McCandless was a believer is doing something your own way, and if it did not go along with your morals, it must be defied. The essay "Civil Disobedience" best resembles McCandless' attitude towards the government. Like Thoreau, McCandless thought that a strong government would interfere with the way he chose to live his life. Nevertheless, along with not conforming to social benchmarks, McCandless lived by the principal of reducing his dependence on property. Throughout all of his journies McCandless was known for travelling with bare minimum supplies, and reducing his dependence on
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