Transcultural Assessment Model

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A Transcultural Analysis of American Indian labor and delivery is an assessment tool to provide culturally sensitive care. It is important for providers to not only assess clinical findings, but also assess cultural findings. Having this sensitivity and awareness about culture can provide optimal health care and outcomes. Knowing how to accurately apply the Transcultural Analysis is a critical step in assessment. Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model Joyce Giger and Ruth Davidhizar developed the “Transcultural Assessment Model” in response to a lack of culturally sensitive assessment tools for nurses. The model was developed with six basic evaluation categories unique to the individual: communication, space, social organization, time, environmental control, and biological variation (Sager, 2011). While each of these categories represent a separate assessment, they overlap to create the individual. This leads to culturally sensitive care or as Sager (2011) writes, “. . . cultural competence as a dynamic process implemented by an individual or health care agency by using significant interventions based on the client’s “cultural heritage, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors” (p. 58). Communication Communication plays a vital role in maintenance of an individual’s healthcare. A healthcare provider should always assess the communication needs of the individual. Geri-Ann Galanti, author of Caring for Patients from Different Cultures writes, “Miscommunication
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