Transcultural Models in Healthcare Practices

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Introduction Healthcare practices have been diversifying over the years. They are inclusive practices used to prevent, treat and manage illnesses. They also involve preservation of emotional and physical welfare of an individual through the incorporation of medical services and affiliated medical professionals. The tending towards health care practices is mainly practiced through Medicare, Medicaid, and the primary aspect of tending towards the ill and the injured. Medicare is a health practice catered to the aged, especially to those administered federally under the health insurance program. Medicaid in the other hand concerns the needy people, still registered under state-funded and federal programs. All these practice modes are associated with the provision of services from qualified health personnel; nurses and doctors in a well defined and systematic healthcare program. History of Nursing The history of nursing can be traced to ancient years whereby people generally applied simple care techniques towards the members of the society facing health implications. Pre-industrial medicines to contribute in the care were incorporated (Dingwall et al, 2002, pg 6). They included the provision of dietetic health menus; advice on appropriate dressing during illness situations; poultices, and herbal infusions. In other extreme situations, spiritual care was availed. This was majorly induced to those experiencing terminal sicknesses or injuries. However, in the early 19th
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