Transcultural Nursing

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Multicultural Nursing in Malaysia.


Malaysian is multi religious and multicultural country. In Malaysia, there are

many cultural belief according to the race of people in Malaysia liked Malays

,Chinese ,Indian ,Bengali ,Pakistani ,Sarawak and there are divided into different sub-

group of ethnic and states and they also speak different languages and have different

cultures and trust . It is important to us, as health care providers to became culturally

aware and understand why people of different cultures have different health care needs

and require different approached to health care.

What is the different between culture, race, and ethnicity? Culture is a value
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This system often does not meet

the health care expectations of different cultural groups ( Branch & Paxton ,1976 ;

Scott, 1974 ).It’s may be because the gap between the languages that the patients used

,economic problems or the culture does not fit with the culturally society.

Illness Behavior and Culture.

Illness introduces a new dilemma to the family .Culture influences how illness

events are perceived and managed ( Lynman ,1992 ) . A cultural reactions to illness is

reflective of an understanding and interpretation of the cause of a disease. In some

societies ,ill persons are isolated and no care is given to them until the ill person is die. In

Malaysia ,this practice normally used by the `Orang Asli ` because they afraid the sick

person can give them a bad luck if they attend to the sick person. Actually, when we

think carefully ,the not attend to the sick person because they afraid they also can get a

same disease like the sick person have. `Orang Asli` in Malaysia also not attend to the

bleeding delivery mother and normally they only live the poor mother alone until the

mother die. Families tend to approach illness from a holistic perspective. Their live

patterns and beliefs about illness also influence their approach and behaviors toward

health promotion ( Tripp – Reimer & Lauer ,1987 ).Belief also defined
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