Transculture and Person- Centred Counselling Essay

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Compare and contrast two counselling theories covered on this module. Discuss the strengths and limitations of the two models. In this essay I am going to explore two multicultural theories which are person centered therapy and Gestalt therapy. I will start by discussing the two perspectives in relations to then illustrate the similarities and differences between them. During this time I will also be identifying the strengths and limitations of both of the models. The Gestalt approach to therapy emerged during the 1950’s and was developed by Frederick Perls (1893-1970). Gestalt therapy is seen as the component of Existential and Humanistic schools of psychology that describe individuals more optimistically, believing individuals…show more content…
This is important because it ensures continuation of genuineness and trust with in the therapeutic setting. Empathy is being able to see the world from the client’s perspective. This requires the therapist to effectively listen to what the client is saying so that they can gain an accurate perception of their world. Rogers argued that to understanding empathy is walking into the client’s world. From here the skills users should be able to develop an empathic understanding to their client problem or situation. For example: Client: ‘I think that nobody cares about me and that I am all alone.’ Empathy: ‘So you are feeling as though nobody cares about you and you are all alone.’ The third condition is unconditional positive regard. This happens when the therapist experiences acceptance and liking for the client, by respecting the individuality of the client. However this does not mean that the therapist has to agree with the client in everything they say. However the therapist has to put their personal feelings aside remain focused on the client and the situation. Through the use of the core conditions the therapist helps to the client to move towards self- awareness. This is because the warm, sympathetic therapeutic atmosphere allows the client to be freed of internalized conditions of worth and to resume the self-actualization process. To my knowledge, the main similarities

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