Transfer Of Learning : Application Transfer

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Transfer of Learning
Givanni Holmes
April 28, 2016
Dr. Isabelle Ragsdale

Transfer of Learning Transfer refers to knowledge being applied in new ways, in new situations, or in familiar situations with different content. Transfer also explains how prior learning affects subsequent learning. Transfer is involved in new learning when students retrieve their prior relevant knowledge and experiences (National Research Council, 2000). The cognitive capability for transfer is important, because without it all learning would be situation specific, and much instructional time would be spent reteaching skills in different contexts. (Schunk, 2016) Due to recent tensions here in the sales department of Cable Inc. we have
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And important helping us understand, uhm, ah, work goes on in a work place. People are getting rewarded and it 's done on schedules just like the rats in a, in a Skinner boxes. And so, there are lots of parallels there.” (Riggio, 2006) Social cognitive theory which stresses the idea that much human learning occurs in a social environment. By observing others, people acquire knowledge, rules, skills, strategies, beliefs, and attitudes. Individuals also learn from models the usefulness and appropriateness of behaviors and the consequences of modeled behaviors, and they act in accordance with beliefs about their capabilities and the expected outcomes of their actions. (Schunk, 2016) It would be best to better associate your observation to those individuals who are successful opposed to those who have derogatory opinions about others because this does not help one do their job successfully.
Information Processing Retrieval depends on the manner of encoding. According to the encoding specificity hypothesis (Brown & Craik, 2000; Thomson & Tulving, 1970), the manner in which knowledge is encoded determines which retrieval cues will effectively activate that knowledge. In this view, the best retrieval occurs when retrieval cues match those present during learning (Baddeley, 1998; Suprenant & Neath, 2009). (Schunk, 2016) In the Learning Machine we learned that Virginia Garlitz had to learn how to walk again after being paralyzed.
Virginia states, “AVM
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