Transferable Skills in workplace

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Transferable Skills in Workplace Introduction As a student, it never too soon to look at the job market in which you will be operating as a job seeker, and at what can help you to maximize the chance of having a profitable job. To be attractive to the employer is that students have to acquire during the school time. Nowadays, there have been many researches on 'employability', which is generally regarded as a broader concept of skills in the workplace. According to the definition given by the Higher Education Academy, employability is: A set of achievements-skills, understandings and personal attributes - that makes graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the…show more content…
People with transferable skills could quickly fit in the new job, get along with a new team and be effective as soon as possible. Despite the basic transferable skills, companies and organisations intend to recruit people with more specialised skills. For example, some consumer goods manufacturers only focus on their core work in order to keep a proper size of employees. They outsourced non-core work and recruit people who is better at communication, presentation and data interpretation etc. As the organisations are changing their recruitment strategy, both basic and specialised transferable skills should be taught in the university. Next, two transferable skills will be elaborated and illustrated separately. Team-working skills Part one: Importance of Teamwork Team-working skills could be required for any jobs. According to the research of, here are top 10 transferable skills: s Communication Skills s Teamwork Skills s Time Management Skills s Problem-Solving Skills s Organisation Skills s Learning Skills s Computer Skills s Listening Skills s Creativity Skills s Leadership Skills Apparently, teamwork has been considered as an essential skill in the workplace. People combine their individual talents in pursuit of companies' tasks and missions. However, teamwork in the workplace not only improves the efficiency of business, but also benefits every group member. According to Bob Kelly's words in website called 'globalpost', teamwork in organisation
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