Transference To Me Essay

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I think the most interesting parts about transference to me was the idea that emotion is linked with memories or even words. This idea got me thinking more. I thought to myself about a single word that without transference would have no meaning to me. The word I choose was “soccer.” Now when I first start thinking about soccer I think about the ball that is used, what the field looks like, some of the rules to the game, all of which are basic knowledge that are connected to the word that give it its definitional meaning to me. I than found myself thinking about all the years I spent playing it, the friendships I gained, the goals I’ve scored, all of which made me smile a little bit while thinking about them. Now, with transference I could have followed one of those new ideas down a different path of activation (such as thinking about the friends I have…show more content…
I also have some very sad moments. I think about injuring my knee and my ankles, in think about the last game I played in, etc. Now I have two very contrasting feelings even though I’m still thinking about the same topic. The reason I find this so interesting is because if you take this knowledge and approach into a therapy session you have the ability to consciously or subconsciously activate feelings of people who may not even know those feelings exist by only using one or a few words. For example, you could ask people just to talk about their childhood, as the article pointed to. Some people would talk of a very happy and satisfying childhood with only negative accounts of childhood injuries or losing friendships. But, others could activate a very different story. They may start the same, thinking of childhood friendships but then progress into such things as their negative home life and recount of childhood abuse or abuse they witnessed against one or both of their
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