Transformation Is Run By Ceo Carole Anne Hilton

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Transformation is an organization that focuses on community development and the social and economic capacity among First Nations communities. Their entire development and business goal is to establish governing structures, managing systems, and business development for First Nations people in order to establish a bright and structured future. Transformation is run by CEO Carole Anne Hilton who is driven by her ancestry and her passion to help struggling people. Hilton built the company off of the foundation of social and economic needs. Conventionally, Hilton runs her company to inspire people to financially thrive and be engaged in the community which assists everyone. Hilton has a main focus on economic because there is little to do when…show more content…
Transformation runs their business in a way that designs work where people can be empowered and they have to carefully choose who the best employee for the job is. Helen M. Haugh, in her article “How Do Corporations Embed Sustainability Across the Organization?” says that, “[s]ustainability can be implemented through designing company structures and policies that embody the principles of economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Integrating sustainability principles into an organization requires decisions concerning with whom, where, and how this responsibility will be managed.” (Haugh, 388) This gives a great example of how company structure and policy should look. Along with looking at how to fit the correct task for the right individual, Transformation also focuses on how their business is governed and run. Transformation is not just a business, it is a responsibility. Sustainability is evident in the management of the organization because they stand by their motto, “Uniting business and culture”. What this means for the management is that they not only focus of the business world but try to combine the business world with the relational world. They move more towards the designing of procedures rather than just protocol. Transformation focuses on creating an atmosphere where they are able to remove language barriers and have responsibility to create a sustainable
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