Transformation Of Congress Essay

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Congress is like a mosaic. At first glance, it seems simple and complete. However, when examining the picture as a whole, the image seems to constantly transform. Geometric shapes in a mosaic intertwine perfectly, and an overall image is created in unity. We must look at Congress in a similar way. In order to understand the way Congress works, we have to determine the intermingling of congressmen that cause transformation among its body. First, there are multiple committees that make up Congress as a whole. There are four main types of committees in Congress: standing, which examines proposed laws, select, which is formed temporarily for a certain issue, joint, made up of house and senate representatives to consult on an issue, and conference,…show more content…
The yearn for such legislative power can root from many causes such as receiving prestige, performing good deeds, or promoting status. To utilize full power, a congressman must strive for continual reelection. Reelection ensures a secure position, and the more times a congressman is elected, the easier it is for them to get elected again. There are even cases where congressmen quit fearing loss and focus on reaching further Congressional power. In fact, there are four stages to attain further power. First, congressmen must create an electoral base through casework and serving on a legislative committee. Next, congressmen broaden their focus onto national issues, such as commerce or education. Then, those who choose to keep going can serve on a power committee, which may involve dealing with foreign policy or writing taxes. Finally, there is one more stage that not many congressmen acquire: party leadership. These stages of climbing the ladder of power help to ensure that congressmen will continue to hold power. The holding of power causes Congress to go through a cycling process of centralizing and decentralizing. Congress starts to decentralize with the creation of committees. This way, members develop their own power within a small area. Congress then becomes weak because of dispersed leadership. At this point, the president steps in to seek control of legislation. After Congress builds itself up again, it
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