Transformational And Authoritarian Leadership Style

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Transformational or Authoritarian Leadership Style
Pamela Walsh
Dr. Maureen Nixon
March 9, 2015

Transformational or Authoritarian Leadership Style Over the course of several decades, the depiction of leadership has changed. What was thought to be innovative and participative or transformational tactic to leadership has replaced the classical and autocratic or authoritarian approach. The step forward that not everything old is bad and not everything new is good was made somewhere along the way. It was determined that different leadership styles suited different situations, and it is the responsibility of each leader to figure out when to make use of an individual leadership approach or style. The two leaders selected for this assignment are Martha Stewart representing an authoritarian leadership style and William Shatner’s television character, James Tiberius Kirk from the starship Enterprise representing a transformational leadership style. Despite some minor similarities, the differences between Martha Stewart’s authoritarian leadership style and William Shatner’s transformational leadership style used in the portrayal of James T. Kirk are strikingly pronounced.

Martha Stewart’s Authoritarian Leadership Style
Many have debated that authoritarian leadership is a pessimistic, negative, and discouraging view of others, however Martha Stewart’s use of this style enabled her to flourish in a competitive cutthroat environment.
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