Transformational Cio : Leadership And Innovation Strategies For It Executives

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This book report is based on the book The Transformational CIO: Leadership and Innovation Strategies for IT Executives in a Rapidly Changing World, written by Hunter Muller. The transformational CIO is about helping business CIOs adapt to the changes in today’s business environment. Muller focuses on how to adapt to new and existing technologies, how to create business value, generate more revenue, increase customer relationships and satisfaction in a global market. Muller uses real-work examples and stories to drive his points and to make them easier to understand. Summary Muller starts of the book with his “Four Steps to Success”. The four steps gives a CIO or an Executive a simple easy to execute guide to business transformation. The steps to the “Four Steps to Success” are, define, build, lead, and change. Define is the first and arguably the most important step in the four step model. Define is where you create a vision that will drive the transformation process from the beginning to the end. This step is critical because “you won’t be able to succeed unless a critical mass of people can visualize the end result that you are driving to achieve”(Muller) . The next step is Build. Build is when you start to fine tune your vision and turn it into reality. As an executive you have to build a team that reflects your passion, ambition, and commitment to change. You are also expected to deliver your results on time and on budget. This stage requires the most change in

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