Transformational Leader And Servant Leader

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As a leader, I am motivating, interactive, and charismatic. I thrive off my ability to help others achieve their goal and I also inspire the group as a whole to pursue one vision, together. I consider myself to be a combination of a transformational leader and servant leader. As defined in the text by Borland, transformational leaders motivate followers to change or transform, are responsible to the individual needs of followers, inspire followers, and align the goals of the organization, leader, group, and individuals (Borland, Kane, and Burton, 2015). In comparison, servant leaders demonstrate interactions between the leader and the follower, emphasizing the needs to the follower, and showing concern for the follower. To add, as both a transformational and servant leader, I set high expectations to motivate others, display enthusiasm and optimism, provide support and encouragement of followers to interact, generate self-confidence in others, encourage creativity and input, and provide opportunities for personal growth. After reading the article, Leadership that gets Results, I also learned that I demonstrate authoritative leadership. Authoritative leaders are individuals who mobilize people towards one vision (Goleman, 2000). Traits that are associated with authoritative leadership include diversity, flexibility, and ambition. In addition, the articles states that an authoritative leader defines the end goal but generally gives people plenty of leeway to devise their own
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