Transformational Leaders And Transactional Leaders

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This is an analysis of the two different managers with different perception in an organization. The two managers are categorised as transformational leaders and transactional leaders. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style that can inspire positive changes who follow. Transformational leaders are generally enthusiastic and passionate who helps all the group members to succeed in group (Cherry, 2014).
Transactional Leadership is a style of leadership that promotes compliance with existing organizational norms through supervision and monitored group performance using traditional rewards and punishments (Boundless, n.d.).
In the same discussion, there is given the analysis of the relationship capital of these two types of leaders. Relationship capital is the asset that is gained when managers develop and maintain relationships that help them achieve their work goals (Tan, 2014). It is to be earned by the managers by their influencing and encouraging behaviours towards their subordinates. A strong and good bonding with the staffs make the workload easier and the desired objectives can be fulfilled within a given time frame successfully. There may be people of different natures, talent and efficiency in the organization. The leaders should be able to interrelate the desired goals with the qualities of his staffs for success.
Relationship capital is related to leadership behaviour directly. How does a leader behave in the organization determines
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