Transformational Leaders Are All About Making A Change

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Overview Transformational leaders are all about making a change. These leaders are generally viewed as charismatic and inspirational. The characteristics associated with the charismatic factor of a transformational leader are dominance, influential, confidence in oneself, and moral values. Behaviors that stem from those characteristics are being a mentor, excellent communication, and a competent motivator. Combing the characteristics and behaviors behind a transformational leader will bring about employees who are trusting, involved, confident, and compliant (Northouse, 2012). Transformational leaders are best known for testing the abilities of the employees and challenging them to do better. Research has shown that followers of a…show more content…
Provided that all the criteria are met, bonuses are handed out. Most people are not identifying with the organizations values, but what the organization can offer them. You would think these bonuses were being made every quarter and they are not. This brings me into another leadership practice, authentic leadership. The Authentic Action Wheel created by Robert Terry (Northouse, 2012) comes to mind when I think of the approach that is taken to increase job productivity. The organization has certain expectations placed on the employees, yet they do not provide adequate resources to get the job done. The dispatchers are expected to have the drivers on location within a 45 minute estimated time of arrival. The time would be feasible if there were more trucks made available to do so. The structure within the organization does not hold each employee accountable to the same policies and procedures; this is an example of the LMX theory based on the in-group and out-group. Authentic leadership allows the organization to actually take a look at the problems and come up with a solution. Looking at the big picture and fixing one small issue at a time will make it seem as if a large problem has been solved. I think an organization should be able to address employees concerns which will make the organization seem genuine. Employees who feel their needs are being met
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