Transformational Leaders, Lead With Courage

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I am in total agreement with Ashkenas (2013) blog as far as managerial capabilities are underdeveloped, however he did not specify any specific theories he felt were incorrect. To state “all theories are totally incorrect” is a vague and ambiguous statement that can be debatable.
Managers must passionately and totally commit to the change, and they should accept nothing less from everyone else. Leaders must openly support the change, "walk the talk" and do as they say, demand commitment to change, measure engagement and participation. Transformational leaders, lead with courage. The number one vital character trait of a transformational leader is courage (Voilleeque, 2013). The difference between leaders and managers is their ability to learn and change behaviors, and then be able to share leadership. Managers are viewed as the boss or supervisor, in a warehouse that manages the employees, sort of babysitting, and then they report to the big boss (the leader). Many view managers as more of a transactional and task oriented. This type of perception has been erroneously learned by society. We as a society must also unlearn and change. Organizations that have developed the capacity to adapt and to change continuously are known as learning organizations. Learning organizations is when people set aside their old ways of thinking, freely share ideas with others, form a vision for the organization, and work together on a plan for achieving that vision. To become a
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