Transformational Leadership : A Leader And A Manager Essay

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As a leader and a manager, I continued to read a lot of articles on transformational leadership. I subjected myself to taking a lot of questionnaires on leadership prepared by popular leaders such as Blanchard, Gladwell, Maxwell, Burns, Riggio and Bass.
Before the SLP, I answered this very simple items on transformational leadership indicated below. I loved to share this to anyone because the questions are essentials on transformational leadership qualities.
Here are some items from our new measure of transformational leadership by Bass and Riggio. See if you have transformational leadership qualities (Agree or Disagree). 1. I would never require a follower to do something that I wouldn 't do myself.
2. My followers would say that they know what I stand for.
3. Inspiring others has always come easy to me.
4. My followers have told me that my enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious.
5. My followers would say that I am very attentive to their needs and concerns.
6. Even though I could easily do a task myself, I delegate it to expand my followers ' skills.
7. Team creativity and innovation are the keys to success.
8. I encourage my followers to question their most basic way of thinking.
(Items 1 & 2 = II; 3 & 4 = IM; 5 & 6 = IC; 7 & 8 = IS) The material was very simple but it revealed the four ( 4) components to transformational leadership, sometimes referred to as the 4 I’s:
Idealized Influence (II) - the leader serves as an ideal role model for followers;
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