Transformational Leadership A Personal Reflection

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Transformational Leadership a Personal Reflection A Transformational Leader is a person who assesses a country, or organization/company, and recognizes the need for a change in the entity and is able to envision what this change should be. The transformational leader not only envisions the necessary change but has the required personality and strength of character that will enable them to influence others to buy into their vision and make it their own, and hence be willing to follow the leader in the quest to bring about the vision. Transformational Leadership can be defined as a style of leadership in which the leader identifies the needed change, creates a vision to guide the change through influence and inspiration, and…show more content…
A service company that was contracted by Air Jamaica to handle baggage and cargo for the airline, the owners of this company were transactional, they didn’t believe in empowering workers, as a matter of fact they made it quite clear that it as there way or the high way, and they would regularly fire whole shifts and teams of workers, to get rid of one trouble maker, the message became clearly emblazoned in my mind do not rock the boat, don’t speak out in meetings especially when they ask for your opinion. 1996-1998 Manufacturers Merchant Bank a leading merchant bank of the time new and innovative, the Vice President in charge of operations, Adrian Keys was a transformational leader, he had a vision for the bank which he communicated effectively to the staff, he also asked for feedback from the staff and to my surprise based on my previous work experience he listened, and adopted the sensible ideas, these ideas didn’t necessarily change his vision but were more folded into it, and used to help get buy in to his vision, he empowered staff to be the best that they can be encouraged furthering education, and instituted a flex hour system for those who were going to school. Mr Keys also started in house training program whereby he brought IMP into the office to carryout departmental training

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