Transformational Leadership : A Positive Way

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Transformational Leadership: A Positive Way to Lead

“Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose”, written by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, an online shoe company, tells the story of how they grew from the ground, up to a well-known company. Hsieh is the perfect example of a transformational leader. The characteristics Tony Hsieh embodies are some of the many characteristics necessary to exemplify transformational leadership theory. Hsieh is a charismatic leader who has the ability to empower others, make difficult decisions, create visions and goals, which appeal to his followers and create a positive cultural environment. Transformational leadership has become very attractive in the workplace and although presented by Hsieh in a shoe company, this leadership style is also applied in the nursing role. I will further define transformational leadership and concepts related as well as discuss how this will be applied to nursing practice and finally how it has impacted my future carrer.
Concept of Transformational Leadership
James V. Downton first defined transformational leadership in 1973, but it was James MacGregor Burns’ work, five years later, which gained popularity. Burns defines transformational leadership as “when one or more persons engage with others in such as way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality” (Burns, 1978). Burns proposed that in order to do this, one must identify common values,
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