Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader

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Introduction The leader must manage the trust through consistency. Without mutual trust, the leader would not be able to delegate authority to others. In addition, the leader must be consistent and predictable, that the actions were consistent with the vision and values. Transformational leadership does subordinate leaders. Employees are given relative freedom so that they can independently control their activities within defined boundaries. They are involved in the process of solving problems and learn new ways of working, thereby increasing productivity. Transformational leadership puts the needs of employees with a lower physiological level (security, reliability) to a higher level of psychological (self-esteem, the realization of their…show more content…
The leader seeks to establish cooperation, give meaning to the work of subordinates, and to involve them in the change process. Transformational leadership is based on personal values, beliefs, and as a leader, not on the interchange between the subordinates (Alimo-Metcalfe & Alban-Metcalfe, 2001). It is significant that the needs of the lower level are met by decent wages and worthy working conditions. However, the transformational leader also provides opportunities for growth and development for each employee. The leader distributes tasks so as to increase the requests and the ability of employees, and match them with corporate objectives (Alimo-Metcalfe & Alban-Metcalfe, 2001). It affects employees, involving them in the process of change. Transformational leadership inspires employees to refuse personal interests for the sake of the interests of the group. Transformational leaders motivate subordinates over fulfill their usual standards (Kotlyar & Karakowsky, 2007). They explain to employees the value of goals and outcomes and convince them to give up personal short-term interests for the benefit of the mission of the organization. Subordinates admire such leaders, identify with them and imbue them confidence. However, transformational leaders are attracted not only to subordinate the personal
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